I Could Be Your Manic Pixie Dream Boy

But be careful walking on your frozen tears

Logan Silkwood
2 min readDec 23, 2022


A picture of iron-colored mirrors featuring some kind of scale-like contraption repeated to infinity.
Photo By Author (from Meow Wolf in Denver, CO)

I could be
whoever you read
in my eyes,
for just
this moment,
to push
the plot forward.

My joy,
could be
your redemption.

We don’t have
to dig further,
lest we hit water
or fire
in your history,
born in the moment
we’re drinking together,
but be careful walking
on your frozen tears,
searching for miracles
only you could work,
digging them up
like buried coins
your metal detector
found along my Cape.

The ice could break
under your magic,
built on rusting metal,
constructed in modern
your feeble cure
for the lava
supporting my talons
and the flames
under my wings.

You could fall
through the icy mirror
into my world,
the Faery Realm,
where the rules
aren’t yours to forge,
where I won’t need
your rescue,
standing strong
upon my own hearth,
where I would be
both the priestess
and priest
who would hear
your confession.



Logan Silkwood

I’m a polyamorous, non-binary trans man (he/him). I edit for Queerly Trans, Prism & Pen, Enbyous, and Trans Love & (A)Sexuality. Twitter: @logan_silkwood.